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Jon has been a Psychic Tarot Reader with over 25 years experience and is based in Liverpool, UK.

The Tarot are an ancient art of divination, guidance and counselling which will help you immensely to find the answers you need to know and take a positive step forward towards a brighter future.

During your reading with Jon he will guide you through the Tarot and explain their relevance to your life. You will actually begin to read and interpret the cards, with John's guidance, during your very first reading. Many people ask, "How often should I have a reading?". The answer to this is simple. "Trust your Instincts." You will know yourself.

Generally when something changes in your life is a good time for your next reading. Some people go to a different reader every few weeks in the hope of "hearing what they want to hear". You should never do this. Jon's belief is to guide his clients to take control of situations and with the help of the Tarot and himself, to take the right path with the right course of action to achieve your dreams.

If you wish your reading can be recorded on CD for you to keep and reflect upon. Tarot Readings are available privately, either in your own home or for the privacy and confidentiality of high profile clients, in Jon's home. John also offers Tarot evenings in the comfort of your own home, you will need to gather a few friends together and John will come over and spend the evening (or afternoon) reading your cards.