The finale was superb…

Sean Gargan:

Jon thank you so much for last night, you held with such mastery, a crowd which in parts could be described as very “excited”, right in the palm of your hand.

To hear laughs, gasps and mutterings from “how on earth did he did that” to “yeah of course, you know how he did that”, (which was wrong, by the way) was brilliant.

The finale was superb and I was more than a little nervous.

Thanks so much for giving up your time for our club, through ticket sales we raised over £500 for the kids of our football club, and also the voluntary bucket in support of Megan Hurley’s family £55 was collected. Rosemont FC will match that and donate £110 in total to the #justgiving fund.

A great night, and I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback. Feeling entertained.